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All Contractors in Wisconsin disturbing or removing vermiculite must comply with the following:

  1. The contractor must be a licensed asbestos abatement company in Wisconsin, or whichever state the work is being performed
  2. The contractor must only allow trained and Wisconsin certified “asbestos supervisors” to perform the work
  3. Obtain a “special waste profile” and disclose to the landfill scale operator that the waste is vermiculite and may contain asbestos. Disposing at a landfill without informing the scale operator will create a great deal of liability for the “generator” of the vermiculite (the homeowner) and the
  4. Inform the Wisconsin DHS of location and dates of vermiculite work prior to removal, and post the notification in plain view at all times when the work is being performed
  5. All vacuum equipment used must be EPA compliant and all vacuum exhaust must pass through HEPA rated filters. Capturing vermiculite waste in an attic vacuum bag that is placed in an enclosed or open trailer will contaminate the owner’s property, and likely the neighborhood, if all of the exhaust from the bag is not captured and passed through a HEPA filter.
  6. There are no test results that can change the above. Unlike plaster, roofing material, floor tiling, etc that can be tested for presence of asbestos, the EPA has determined that there is no reliable test for the presence of asbestos in vermiculite. As a result, all vermiculite must be treated as containing asbestos regardless of any test results from any lab.

Read additional details about removal of vermiculite, commonly referred to as zonolite attic insulation, atteh following link: